Information & Pricelist

Here you will find answers to common questions regarding prices and booking an appointment with us at WiseMind Psykologiteamet.

Therapy and counseling
Individual psychological treatment/investigation/advice: SEK 1290/SEK 1690 per session (45 min/60 min)

Couple therapy or Family therapy:
SEK 1690 per session (60 min)

Leadership support:
SEK 1690 per session  (60 min)

Session with psychology student:
SEK 600 per session / SEK 450 with discount (45 min)

Assessment interview before possible evaluation:
SEK 1900 (90 min)

Neuropsychiatric evaluation (ADHD/autism) adults, incl. assessment interview:
SEK 29 500

Neuropsychiatric evaluation (ADHD/autism) children & youth, incl. assessment interview and feedback to school:
SEK 32 500

Additional fee, in-depth assessment (complex PTSD, personality disorder):
SEK 3 500

Giftedness/Cognitive evaluation:
SEK 17 000

Reassessment of diagnosis, depending on question: Contact us

In some cases, we can offer telephone consultation with a licensed psychologist regarding new clients before starting an evaluation or treatment: Contact us

After completion of the evaluation
Follow-up/advice/treatment with a psychologist:
SEK 1290 /SEK 1690 per session (45 min/60 min)

We collaborate with psychiatrists who, after the evaluation is completed, can offer the introduction of medication and follow-up calls.

If, after completing the evaluation, you wish to turn to public health care for treatment, e.g. in the form of medication, we could assist with writing a referral or issuing a certificate at a cost of SEK 1290 per 60 min.

Additional services
We can be helpful regarding various types of collaboration meetings, such as with other care providers, schools, employers or social services.
In these cases, SEK 1290 per 60 min apply.

Administrative support
We are happy to help with writing certificates and referrals for various purposes. In these cases, SEK 1290 per 60 min apply.

In order to offer psychological counseling and treatment of good quality, we believe that it should include preparation, planning before the interviews, review of completed forms and, when helpful, material that is given to the client between each occasion. This work, as well as record keeping, is carried out by the psychologist outside the session and this work is included in the price.

You are welcome to book an appointment with us at one of our receptions in central Göteborg or Lerum, alternatively an online session with video calls. If you prefer phone calls instead of video calls, that’s fine too.

We can offer a new appointment within two weeks. If it is urgent, we can often manage to find an appointment within the same week.

To some extent, we can offer appointments in the evenings and sometimes even on weekends. For calls on weekends and calls that start at 16.30 or later, an evening fee of SEK 150 is added for on-site calls in Göteborg/Lerum or SEK 100 for online calls. For those of you who work full-time office hours, morning sessions before the start of the working day can work well. When we find a morning time that works, there is no extra charge.

As we are a private clinic, you pay for treatment yourself. Free cards (frikort) do not apply. However, sometimes you can get a psychologist’s consultation reimbursed by your employer or from your insurance company. This may be worth checking.

For many persons, it works better financially to see a psychologist every two weeks, or if it works with the treatment plan less often, such as once a month. You can make a plan together with your psychologist for how many sessions to book. For example five occasions during a certain period of time to make a treatment plan based on that.

A SEK 150 discount/session is given to those who are at least 75% students, on sick leave or jobseekers.

Usually we send an invoice to the specified email address at the end of the month for the sessions you have had during the past month.

We also accept payment in the form of wellness checks/coupons from Actiway and from Min Friskvård/e-passi for  activities that are approved as wellness.

Our Bankgiro: 166 – 0679

Please note that it is important to cancel your appointments good time in advance. In case of cancellation later than 24 hours before the scheduled session, the full price is charged.

You are most welcome to contact us for more information or if you wish to book an appointment.