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Psychological treatment & Consultation services

How can we best help you overcome stress, anxiety, depression, or anything else that might be holding you back? Our licensed psychologists meet every client where they are, in order to find solutions to their specific challenges.

We offer psychological treatment and consultations, as well as psychoeducation surrounding psychiatric disorders, stress, and related areas. All of our services are grounded in psychological research. We offer couples therapy, stress management training, and treatment for depression and anxiety. Primarily, we use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and are also well versed in many other treatment approaches that are backed up by scientific research. Every treatment plan is modified to ensure that it fits each client’s situation, problems, and goals. We meet people of all ages. Our psychologists are trained to treat adults, teenagers and children.

All of our services can be offered in English. Meetings can take place in person at our facilities in Göteborg or Lerum, or digitally through video sessions, depending on your needs. Treatments and courses can always be tailored to client needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any specific concerns. Welcome to contact us!

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