Focus on women's health
A holistic perspective

After working with mental health for many years, we’ve found  it difficult to reach out with knowledge about women’s health. We know that many women experience difficulties, pain and suffering without finding good help. We have met many women who, after years of trying to seek good help, have given up getting adequate help in care for their physical and mental illness. In meetings with these women, we have many times seen how psychological knowledge and psychological treatment can play a decisive role.

In order to reach out with knowledge about women’s health in a clear and effective way from a psychological and interdisciplinary perspective, we started this initiative.

We offer:

    • Psychological counseling, assessment and treatment at our private clinic for difficulties and life situations where knowledge of women’s health is important.
    • Spreading knowledge through networks and this website.
    • Education, supervision and supply knowledge based on psychological knowledge about women’s health for healthcare staff.
    • Group therapy and digital courses for counseling and help for self-help.

All of our services can be offered in English. They can also take place in person or digitally (through video), depending on your needs. The treatments and courses are tailored to the client, so do not hesitate to reach out with any specific concerns.

The knowledge we want to reach out with can of course be helpful even for those who do not identify themselves as women. Even though we use the word woman and women’s health on this website, we of course welcome everyone who feels that our knowledge can be  helpful. We work with LGBTQ issues both in contact with our clients and in the dissemination of expertise in supervision and training.

Contact us

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Sexuality & the body

Body and psychology are connected. This becomes clear when we try to understand human sexuality and why several types of problems connected to the femaile genital area and reproductive system cannot be treated only with medical knowledge. At WiseMind we have exprience of psychological treatment of a wide variety of common problems that affect many women.

Hormones & mood

Hormones will affect how we feel. It becomes especially clear for those who are going through a phase when hormones are changing - menopause, during an IVF treatment or a pregnancy. Studies also show that the majority of women's moods are affected to some extent by the natural changes that occur during the menstrual cycle. Thus, the effect of hormones on our mood is noticeable during large parts of our lives.

Wish for a child & Support in IVF

With us you can talk about all kinds of thoughts about becoming a parent. Perhaps you don't know if you want to have a child. Perhaps you have been trying to become a parent for a long time. Perhaps you are in the process of undergoing fertility treatment, or thinking about different options. Perhaps you've gotten to the point where you're considering that it might be time to stop trying.

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Breastfeeding

During pregnancy, childbirth and the first time as a parent, a major life adjustment takes place - physiological and psychological changes prepare the person who will become a parent to cope with every part of this process in the best way. Hormones play an important role in these changes and for many women it may only be during this phase of life that they really understand how much hormones affect both our mental and physical well-being.

Self-esteem & Body

Most of us feel bad, ugly and unwanted sometimes. Others feel that all the time. Others try to run fast, fast to feel nothing. People often spend so much energy avoiding situations, feelings and thoughts they don't want, that there is hardly any energy and time left over to find what they really want and how to achieve it. Often people think that "if only I had a better self-esteem, then I would do all those things I dare not to".

Balanced performance & stress management

When stress becomes prolonged without sufficient recovery, it can damage both our physical and mental health. In extreme events where the threat is perceived as unmanageable, we can suffer from post-traumatic stress. Our psychologists are knowledgeable in both stress, exhaustion and trauma processing as well as how we can promote health and sustainable performance.