About WiseMind Evolution

For a more sustainable society through psychological expertise and science

Based on science and psychological expertise, WiseMind believes that together we can create more sustainable organizations and a more sustainable society. 

  • Influence people’s everyday behaviors in a more effective way
  • Promote healthy and sustainable societies
  • Affectuate positive behavioral change

Whether you need assistance fixing minor work-related issues or revamping your organizational structure, WiseMind Evolution can help your organization reach its full potential.

WiseMind offers psychological research and principles for long-term results. All of our consultants are experts in both individual and organizational psychology. We use this expertise to help you come up with the best solutions for your company’s specific needs. Some areas of expertise include leadership, collaboration, work environment, value clarification, stress management, and behavioral change. By evaluating your organization’s needs, we offer advice on what services would be most valuable and the solutions you should implement.

Our services can be offered in English upon request. We can also assist you in person or digitally (through video), depending on your needs.