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Wise Mind – Centre of Psychological Knowledge is a training company that offers training courses within the area of psychological treatment and psychotherapy, as well as training courses in the neighbouring areas of psychiatry and social work. Since opening in 2000, Wise Mind has built up an impressive network of practitioners, teachers, and researchers, which allows for training of the highest quality and has evidence-based pyschological practice, EBPP, as its guiding star.
The training courses are perfect for psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, doctors, nurses and other professional groups working in healthcare and social services.

Training courses abroad

In addition to the course offerings in Sweden, Wise Mind offers courses abroad in Europe as well as other locations worldwide. The course language is english. The first course abroad was held in Lisbon in the summer of 2002 and Wise Mind is at the forefront of organisers of courses abroad in the area of psychology and psychological treatment. The course trips are not only a good opportunity for continuing education in a stimulating environment, they are also ideal for networking. Many satisfied participants return year after year.

 Wise Mind AB is owned and managed by Eva Hedenstedt, who is a licensed psychologist with a specialization in clinical psychology, also a licensed psychotherapist as well as supervisor in psychotherapy. Eva has extensive experience in clinical work as well as teaching and supervision. She is trained in both cognitive behavioural therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

In addition to the set range of courses, we also tailor courses to the needs of organisations, groups at workplaces and others who are interested. Many of the ordinary courses may be combined or adapted to the customer’s needs. They can even be held at the customer’s choice of location if desired, at the home location or another stimulating place in Sweden or abroad.

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